LCD Electronic Digital Counter – 5 Separate Channels


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LCD Electronic Digital Counter- Mounts on finger

A small finger counter that can help you count the number and steps. Colour – Red

LCD electronic digital display, easy reading. Has 5 channels and a lock feature

Instruction :

LCD Electronic Digital Counter has an LED backlight and sleep function.
There are 5 separate and independent channels for counting.
When no button is pressed for more than 10 minutes, will enter sleep power-saving mode automatically.
In sleep mode, press any key to wake up and keep the data before sleep.
COUNT&RESET Button : Short time press the botton, count value +1, long press 3 seconds clear to 0
CH Button : Press to switch 1-5 channels in turn.
LED Button : Press to the LED backlight and turn off automatically after 5 seconds.
LOCK Button : Lock and unlock cycle after pressing, only the led button can be used in the locked state, other buttons do not work.