Mad Hornet Entomological Supplies was created to be a local supplier of equipment to entomologists, plant pathologists, nematologists and the like, in South Africa. This makes it easier to order, reduces the quantities required to buy each time, and provides quicker access. Some items are locally made in South Africa, while others which cannot be made here are imported.

 How to order – Please use the shop menus on the right hand side to navigate. Please note that no online payments are yet possible. Also, if from an institution, please complete the cart process and send to us – this is NOT an order. We will send a full quotation and await a formal PO from you before considering it an order. When ready, simply go through to checkout, and an editable list will be displayed, complete your details and it will be sent to us, whereupon we will create a formal quotation for you, including delivery costs.

Field Equipment

  • Nets
  • Traps & Reducers
  • Vials/Bottles
  • Handling
  • Wet Field
  • Night Sampling
  • General Accessories – torches, magnifiers etc.


  • Breeding Cages
  • Insectary Equipment
  • General Accessories


  • Pins
  • Minutens
  • Label Pins
  • Setting Boards
  • Pin Blocks
  • Glue Boards
  • Magnifiers & Tweezers

Optical Accessories

  • Digital Microscopes
  • Mobile phone attachments
  • Camera/Microscope attachments

Collection Management

  • Display Boxes
  • Transport Boxes
  • Drawers
  • Cabinets
  • Analysis
  • General Accessories
  • Maintenance

Specialized Filming

  • High-Speed Photography
  • Thermal High-Speed Photography
  • Additional Options