PEL Baited Blunder Trap (pack of 30 traps)


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This is a broad use sticky trap. A non-poisonous insect glue is the basis for the blunder trap for capturing and monitoring a wide variety of insects. Together with an effective lure, it targets a wide range of insects via the lures as well as chance encounters. The folding card trap uses a powerful banana-scented attractant that works on most crawling and flying insects.

The windows on the trap and the glue pad are so positioned as to force insects to commit to entry and prevent escape. The windows also allow a quick visual inspection on the results of the trapping, without needing to handle or move the trap.

There is a self adhesive base which prevents accidental movement of the trap, either by leaning, accidental touching or from drafts near doorways or window sills. The trap is supplied as a two unit trap, which are joined by a perforated edge. The traps can be used together or separated along the perforated line and used as single longer trap, or two shorter ones.

Within a museum IPM strategy, the PELTrap can be used to target:

Common Name


Brown Carpet Beetle (AKA Vodka Beetle)

Attagenus smirnovi

Varied carpet beetle

Anthrenus verbasci

Two Spot Carpet Beetle

Attagenus pellio

Larder Beetle

Dermestes lardarius

Tobacco Beetle (Cigarette Beetle)

Lasioderma serricorne

Insect Trap Dimensions (single trap): 64mm W x 62mm D x 40mm H

Product ID: 6.1.01