IQCrew 20X-50X Field Portable Dual-Illumination Stereo Microscope with Tool Kit


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This is a well made, lightweight entry level stereo microscope. It is designed as a scholar / hobbyist system, but is ideal as a field instrument, where the balance between cost, function and weight all meet effectively.

Key Features

  • Dual-Illumination stereo microscope with bottom and top light, making it easy to view slides and 3D objects.
  • Fun, educational, and easy to use with 20X and 50X magnifications.
  • Includes a brine shrimp experiment complete with eggs and hatchery kit.
  • Over 50 accessories included such as already-prepared slides with biology specimens, and tools for collecting and preparing your own specimens.

Inter-pupillary Distance Binocular Head – This high quality stereo microscope with two sets of effective optical glass eyepieces:10x/25x eyepiece and 2x objective lens provide 20X and 50X magnification.The HD wide-angle eyepiece provides a clear image while the adjustable pupil spacing allows for comfortable viewing by both adults and children.

Top Light – It has built-in upper light on the arm that illuminates from above for viewing the surface of solid objects like rocks, plants, flowers, coins, or hair at low-magnification settings. Easily switch between the top and bottom light.

Bottom Light – The lower LED bulb provides cool, dimmable illumination from below the stage for transparent slide specimens. You could make your own slides or use the prepared slides that come with the kit.

Convenient and Portable – Powered by two AA batteries, it is easy to set up and operate. It has a metal base and sturdy framework that is lightweight and portable making it convenient for indoor or outdoor use. The adjustable hand wheel allows for viewing of a variety of objects and specimens, varying in size.