Insect Rearing Pot with Wire Screen Port (90 ml) [pack of 6]


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Dimensions: Ø7.7 x H3.6 cm | 90 ml
Net Weight: 12 grams
Main Material: Polypropylene (PP) Plastic, Stainless Wire Grid
Mesh Size: 80 x 80 | 350µm Aperture

These insect pots are innovative insect-rearing containers.  These pots are made of transparent plastic, making observation easy.  Each insect pot has a wire-screen lid (45mm, 80 mesh), giving the containers good ventilation.  You can unplug the lid without removing the entire lid when placing food or handling insects in the pots to prevent insects from escaping.

※ The wire-screen lids can be autoclaved.

Contents of 1 pack
x6 Wire Screen Lids
x6 Pots