HB6 Insect Aspirator | 6 mm Pick-up Straw


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This product is used to draw insects into the collecting chamber. Most aspirators or pooters are designed so the user must suck air to create negative pressure. Some insects, such as ants and beetles, can emit particles harmful to the human body. There are also cases when desired insects are collected from feces or carcasses. Our HB-type aspirators decrease the risk of swallowing hazardous particles by blowing air into the aspirator with a hand-held syringe bulb instead of sucking air from the aspirator. Insect pick-up straws can be turned in any direction. It is easy to adjust the angle between the vial and the insect pick-up straw.

Four vials (DP0036, DP0079-5) are included for insect collecting and insect storing use.


Packing List:
  • 4x  vials
  • 4x extra straws
  • 1x aspirator