TRAPPIT Short Standard Insect Trap (pack of 30 traps)


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This is a sticky insect detector trap, used for general surveillance and to protect vulnerable collections which can be devastated by a crawling insect population. Trapping allows museums to avoid unnecessary use of insecticides which can damage collections. This insect trap allows the monitoring of exhibits and storage areas.

  • Cost-effective and reliable solution for constant or mass monitoring

  • Effective against all main cockroach types

  • Designed to sit discretely at the edge of rooms or work surfaces where cockroaches typically prefer to crawl

  • Proven industry-leading attractant contained within the glue

  • Dry-touch, no-mess glue

Insect trap details: A compact, sticky trap, with a triangular profile constructed from grease resistant card. They have been developed to monitor and catch insects by attracting them to the food based glue inside the trap which effectively traps them. This trap benefits from the same technology as the larger Lo-Line style trap (6.1.02), but is ideal for monitoring smaller areas or for quick investigations.

This trap uses the well known and approved flavour compound food ingredients as the high performance tablet in the Lo-Line Trap, but in this trap the attractant is integrated within the glue instead of in tablet form.

Within a museum IPM strategy, the PELTrap can be used to target:

Common Name


Brown Carpet Beetle (AKA Vodka Beetle)

Attagenus smirnovi

Varied carpet beetle

Anthrenus verbasci

Two Spot Carpet Beetle

Attagenus pellio

Larder Beetle

Dermestes lardarius

Tobacco Beetle (Cigarette Beetle)

Lasioderma serricorne

Insect Trap Dimensions: 72 x 60 x 36mm

Supplied as a pack of 10 trap sheets (Total of 30 individual traps)

Product ID: 6.1.03