Small Kill-Jar, Plastic


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Plastic collecting jar 67mm high, 92mm widen capacity 350ml 1120PP

PET plastic collecting jar series suitable for insect collectors.  Plastic collecting jars are clear, shatter-resistant, and lightweight. PET plastic is resistant to ethyl acetate, the most commonly used insect dispatching agent. Some clouding of the plastic will develop on the bottom and rim of the jars, but it does not inhibit use or function of the jars. A porous hard plaster cartridge securely encloses the killing agent yet permits fumes to seep through into the jar. The cartridge screws into an inner metal lid riveted to the widemouth jar lid, and does not crumble or break with normal use or in humid conditions. Use of ammonium carbonate with these jars is not recommended; it softens the cartridges.