Safestore Easyread Pitfall Traps – Anthrenus verbasci lure (pack of 10 traps)


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The safestore easyread pitfall trap is made up of a clear plastic trap with preloaded glue inside the base. The traps are prepared to order, and come either unbaited, or with a choice of pheromones for species-specific monitoring.

This version is accompanied by a specific Anthrenus verbasci species lure, targetting Varied carpet beetle , whose larvae eat wool, hair, fur, feathers, silk and skins such as leather and parchment/vellum. Will also feed on soiled linen, cotton and rayon.


  • Baited, only attracts Anthrenus verbasci species, designed for species-specific monitoring.

  • Acts as an early warning tool to potential infestations.

  • Clear plastic easyread station for easy identification.

  • Insecticide free and non-toxic.

  • A food lure is added to enhance attraction of longer-lived feeding insects.

  • Ready to use, simple traps.

Insect Trap Dimensions (single trap): 110mm L x 85mm W x 15mm H

Supplied as a pack of 10 traps

Product ID: 6.1.08