PEL Silverfish Trap (pack of 10 traps)


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The Silverfish Trap, is a self-contained and user friendly cardboard station with a sticky base for the monitoring and control of Silverfish and Greyfish. It is a lure based trap. Silverfish will eat the glue and ink from books, works of art on paper, wallpapers, stamps and labels, herbarium specimens and textiles. They can cause significant damage to collections.

Included with this product is a sachet of lure powder which is highly effective in attracting the nuisance insect pests.

The trap can be used to effectively monitor and control infestations. Simple and effective, these traps are ideal for use in large institutions or smaller spaces in both private and public areas.

Within a museum IPM strategy, the PELTrap can be used to target:

Common Name


Common Silverfish

Lepisma saccharina

Grey Silverfish

Ctenolepisma longicaudata

Insect Trap Dimensions: 200mm x 94mm.

Supplied as a pack of 10 traps, with lure

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