Mad Hornet Drawer and Cabinet System

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Standard as well as customisable metal entomology storage and display drawers, contained within a 2 door metal cabinet.

  • The standard cabinet is a two door system, containing two columns of 15 drawers each.
  • The cabinet and drawers are powder coated.
  • The doors and cabinet are sealed well.
  • Each drawer is contained on a rack tray, with telescoping bearings, for effective removal as well as for safe viewing while still on the tray.
  • Drawers are sized 485x415mm allowing the use of Unit Trays, or direct pinning into a foam base. Unit Trays and foam base are optional extras.
  • Each drawer has a removable framed glass top, with secure fasteners and a pull handle.
  • Drawers have two label holders.
  • Entire cabinet is placed on a base, with castors. However this can be easily removed, once cabinet is in its final position.